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We all meet great people often, don’t we?. During my recent travel, I met one such person. I wanted to share his story with you all. Here goes his story.

Some time back, He was working with the State Express Transport Corporation as a bus driver. Definitely, not a high paying job. Despite that, He wanted to admit his son in one of the best schools in Tenkasi district in Tamilnadu. He knew that the best thing that he should give his son is Education. Whether he could or not was a question then because of the huge gap between his pay slip and the big league schools’ expectations. As expected, One of such school’s management didn’t admit his son. He didn’t give up. He did get his son admitted by fighting (not literally) with the school officials and going to an extent of contacting a minister. From my knowledge, it is very difficult for even the middle class families to put their kids in that school. But here is a father who would never give up on his son’s future. Not only did he admit his son there, he made his son do his entire schooling from the same school.

His son finished his education and obtained a job in the campus placements. He was very happy. But due to some problem, the company hadn’t sent the joining letter for more than 6 months. His hopes on his son’s job have faded. Even in those 6 months, he afforded his son to go to some of the computer courses. Now, with the offer not come yet, he started helping out his son in getting a job. He has gone to the extent of meeting the owner of the travels in which he is currently working to seek a job for his son (but it was unfruitful due to profile-role mismatch). When we met, he was discussing of ways to get his son employed. In him, I could see a real fighter, a fighter who will never rest till his son gets on track well and gets settled (I guess so, but he may remain so more than that).

Father holding son

Father holding son

When he proudly said that he bought the big oxford dictionary when his son was studying 7, I just wondered how he was such determined to put his son to the next big step and not follow his trail (professionally). I wonder how many such fathers would have bought their son a laptop. Though he didn’t have a great pay, he did manage to save by cutting costs. He was never a drinker, smoker or paan consumer like many drivers did. He refrained from all those habits just to save more for his son’s education and of course to stay healthy.

He was very sad, when we met, that he had a fight with his son that afternoon. That’s what a perfect father is all about. They scold their kids for good and will regret the “scolding” part till they make up for it. He cares about everything of his son. He cares for his son’s education, his son’s overall personality development, his son’s career and his son’s overall life. He is one great honorable man.



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‘Another’ New Year

Personally, the last two years hadn’t been good for the author. Through these 2 years, He encountered the following emotions in the order mentioned:

Happiness -> Loss -> Deep Sorrow -> Confusion -> Fear -> Fight -> Sadness -> Helplessness -> Faith -> Confidence -> Hope -> Happiness

What he understood from these is that: Life’s Happiness cycle (Happiness & Sadness as in the Business Cycle) taught him that hope and faith are the 2 most important feelings that helps one recover soon from the sadness phase. With the same old happiness revived, though with the scars of the sadness phase, he wishes to begin the new year stronger than ever. He also wishes all the readers of his blog to start the year 2013 with lots of strength, hope and faith. Happiness will follow.

Changes to his blog

So what’s going to change this New Year? The author has planned to move the Music Review and the Footballing articles into 2 separate blogs over the next few months. The footballing blog is planned to be integrated with the EPL Statistics facebook page. This blog will just be his scribble pad after that.

He wishes you all a hAPPY nEW yEAR!

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Crisis Meeting


When I want to achieve something, I work hard towards it. I put at least 80% effort on it. (100% is a good number to write, but it’s not possible for me) So, what else do I do? Nothing. I would think that hard work translates into good results and wait for those good results.

In reality, there was a big red “failure” sign blocking the path. I don’t want to crib about why this happens. It is due to a lot of reasons. For example, in a race, no one wins just because he/she raced well. It’s the capability to compete with others and the ultimate win that matters. But what if I am not even able to race well in spite of the hard work?

In ideal situations, for the effort that one puts in, the results will be a fair reflection of the effort. In reality, there is a hazy factor which always skews the results either towards the upper side or towards the lower side.

When it is towards the upper side, the credit mostly goes to someone called God. (As observed) But when it is the other way around, the “credit” goes to some human souls who were thought to be pulling the results downward. In most of the cases, many people don’t know how it happened and they need someone to either praise or scold to let out their feelings.

The factor is actually an uncontrollable hand on my head (may be everyone’s) deciding my (their) actions to a certain extent. I couldn’t take it away from my head. I call it the supreme power. May be God! I don’t know who or what it is. Name doesn’t matter anyways. It is actually this uncontrollable factor which makes me feel helpless. And believe me that is the worst feeling of all.

When it happens, I don’t have any other alternative other than to submit myself to that power. Yes! I lost to that power. And, I am going to submit myself and get some help.

As I was thinking this, I reached the Temple.. 


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Anything in life, be it positive or negative, is definitely temporary. But the factors that make it so are very different. The positive experiences that happen to us are temporary mostly because of our actions. But the negative experiences that happen to us are temporary mostly because of the external agents like friends, relatives, environment, etc.,.
I always wanted to engage in my interests regularly. Everyone does so. But how many actually do that? Atleast not me! Except for one or two like blogging. There are certain activities like swimming, going to gym, etc., which I always try to engage with continuously. The engagement with these activities always happen due to an impulsive nerve in the beginning. But it wades out in some time. Again the impulsive nerve shoots up some time later and the cycle repeats.
I noticed this in my ever unsuccessful attempts to reduce my belly. In my twelfth standard it started. I went to my school’s gym one day. I felt that the work-outs had a great effect. In 2 to 3 days, I felt bored. Drastic change of thought! After that I never stepped into that gym. In the college also this happened, but the good thing is that it continued for more than a week. Daily, a couple of my friends and I went for a jog in our college track. Day by day one of us dropped and it finally ended. 
The third attempt was a funny attempt from two of us. We went from Velachery to College to jog in the early morning riding the bike for 15 km. Most of my friends mocked at us that the going-gym effect is actually to have food in Sangeetha Hotel, Adyar. And in 2 to 3 days, the food wasn’t that great for a 15-km ride at the early morning. So, we stopped going. Now the impulse has hit me again. I want to give a try one more time. I have gone to the gym in my college for the past two days. I am damn sure that it will not last for a month, but will it last for a week at the least? Only god knows!
This behavior is seen amongst many of us. But there are certain people who really do these activities regularly. They constantly get involved in their interests. So what is the difference between them and us? (I don’t want to mention myself alone) It may be the difference between real passion and desperateness to achieve that passion. Some succeed in achieving it and some don’t. I still haven’t achieved it, but I am still in the race. Hoping that I reach there one day!

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Life is not a straight path from birth to heaven or hell! It is a network of pathways from the single point of divergence, birth, to the single point of convergence, death, with a lot of ramifications, the decision-making-spots of life, in between. Simply put, life is a maze. We need to find a way out without knowing the paths that lead us. The decisions are not easy to make, especially when you are on your own. 
Among the just-born, many are blessed with two hands to hold them on either side, some are blessed with one and some are biased with none. Be it anyway, the shade that parents offer are temporary. Till a particular age, we grasp their hands and follow their foot-steps. Until then, the decision making will not worry us. Sometime later, we start disagreeing with them. Yes! We do that at some point! Once that thought comes across our head, we are on our own. We want to point the hands on the road ahead ourselves.
From there, we take our own decisions. At the end of every road, we need to decide what path we need to choose. It is not easy though it matters very little for a lot of people. Many worries about the intricate details of the paths. Why isn’t it easy? Simply put, expectation is the culprit! Our relatives, friends, and the society as a whole expects a lot out of us. They want us to decide the best whereas we are worried about our happiness. Sometimes we build these expectations on ourselves as well. These were worse than those from the relatives, friends and society.
It is not wise to think about what is best for our life in terms of material gains. Rather it is wise to think about what makes us happy. There is a trade-off in every decision of ours. If we recognize and embrace that, happiness is gone. Never mind the trade-offs, for life is a short span to be happy. 
Decisions in life being good and bad are just perspectives. Too much of others’ perspectives might deviate your real perspective. So, avoid the external confusions for your best. Think over the decision and convince your heart. That’s the key for your decisions’ success. Pursue what your heart desires!

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It has been 21 months this blog has been started. Now is the time to change. Yes! We are moving to blogger. Check out our new blog : Perspectives. All the posts present in the wordpress are also moved there. Follow our new blog too and give us your suggestions. Thanks for the support! See you all at Blogger!

Bye to wordpress! And hello to the “Blogger” world!

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Bhoomi Puja “Prayers to the Land(Earth)” is a custom in Indian Hindu culture which should be performed before we construct a building. “Even for a compound wall!” I asked Suresh, the Maistry(foreman among construction workers). I had given him the contract to build compound wall around the land which my father bought me. He replied, “yes sir! We never build anything without performing prayers to the land.” I let out a sigh. He quickly added, “I will buy all the items required for the puja, and we will do it in a simple manner.” I was relieved then.

Even the day for puja has to be a vasthu day (Auspicious day to start the construction work). I wondered whether the building might fall if the work hasn’t started on a vasthu day. The auspicious time to do the prayer was 0956 to 1020+ on 4th of June 2011. 30 minutes is all we have got. I informed Suresh the previous day t0 come early and make arrangements. But, I woke up by 0800 with alarms ringing for more than one hour. Heck, it was late. My phone showed missed calls from my grandfather and Suresh. I quickly called both of them and informed that I’ll be reaching in 30 minutes. I brushed and took bath hurriedly and left. I reached my grandfather’s home, picked him up and reached the site around 0930 in my bike.

Ramesh and his co-worker were already there. They had made a small square clearing in the middle of the land. The had placed 9 bricks resembling a triangle with 1, 3, and 5 bricks on each row near that clearing. The bricks were decorated with flowers. There were 2-3 lemons, flowers, kum-kum, and water in 2 pots near them. Once the time reached 0956, my grandfather signaled Ramesh to start the puja. He poured the water into the square clearing. Then he cut the lemons, applied kum-kum, and placed one piece in the four corners. He picked one brick in the top of the triangle and placed it in the watered land. Then he put some rice grains on the brick.Then he asked me to do the same, but 3 bricks. I did so. And then my grandfather kept one in the land. Then, Ramesh told we need 2 more people. Five people should place the bricks! Why emphasis on numbers? No answer! I went to the adjacent home and asked them to come. They sent their nephew and daughter to complete the formalities.

Once placing the brick is done, I was asked to pour water into the land again. Ramesh made a conical pyramid in wet sandal powder. We call that Lord Ganesha in the pujas. He placed the sandal-made Lord Ganesha on a tobacco leaf. Finally, he showed deepa araathana “lighting camphor” to the properly decorated and arranged bricks, to Lord Ganesha, and to the Sun(Sun God). Puja almost done! Then, he opened a pack full of sweets and distributed. It was prasaadham “sacred food offered in prayers”. We offered the sweets to the adjacent house as well and completed the puja around 1020.

I usually performed all the puja for the happiness of my father. He believed in them a lot. But I don’t. I just wanted to make him feel happy by attending the pujas. But, now he is not in this world. I don’t know for what purpose I did the puja. In this occasion, the puja was not in my mind all the time. It was my dad who remained in my thought. I missed my dad. He would have been the most happiest person in the world to be in this puja. I lied to my mind that he was watching all these from the unbound skies. And proceeded to leave.

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