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“Mourinho + Money = Success” is a myth. There are two clubs (Chelsea F.C. and Real Madrid) which blindly believed in this equation. The blame for not-so-successful campaigns of these clubs was entirely on José Mourinho, but the reasons include the players, the fans and the management as well. Club is like a car which runs with the management, the coach, the players and the fans acting as the four wheels enabling a smooth ride. This article will dispel the general thought that the special one is “solely” responsible for the not-so-successful campaigns of Chelsea F.C. and Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho - Aggression is his forte

Jose Mourinho – Aggression is his forte

1. Players: Players who play at a top club have to focus on the club’s ambitions and place their own interests one step lower than the club’s. This hadn’t happened in Real Madrid.

  • Sergio Ramos didn’t follow the man marking plan in a set piece and then blamed Mourinho for never playing football at the highest level. This is sheer indiscipline and this happens only when the player thinks him above everyone else.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo openly stated that he was sad (The reason for that is not yet known). Such an important player voicing something negativity impacts a club to the highest degree.
  • Iker Casillas and Kaka should be praised here particularly. Though very famous players with good reputation and been benched by Mourinho for long spells, they didn’t complain openly or create any negativity in the media.
  • Álvaro Arbeloa’s post season statement shows that there are players who did put their ambitions ahead of the club’s unlike what Mou did.
Sergio Ramos and Jose Mourinho

Sergio Ramos and Jose Mourinho

2. Fans: The club fans shouldn’t always put a player’s image above the club’s image. That’s what has happened when Mourinho benched Iker Casillas. What happened between Jose and Iker is not known to anyone! But, if the manager thinks that a particular player has to be benched the fans shouldn’t go against the manager and act as a negative force against the team. They jeered their manager who has the potential to shape their club, give a tough fight and topple Barcelona from their domination and their club’s very own player Adan for being played instead of Iker. Such single player worship won’t help any club to achieve greatness. (Media acts both the ways here. They criticize when player power grows stronger in any club and when a manager tries to control it criticizes him for the same. Fans shouldn’t buy in whatever media propagates and act as a negative force against the club). Half the section of the fans chanted his name throughout his last game in charge at Real Madrid. That itself is a success of José.

Mourinho, Gracias por luchar contra viento y marea

Mourinho, Gracias por luchar contra viento y marea

3. Management: José Mourinho received great support from Real Madrid board. Even the removal of Valdano was of great help in Mourinho acquiring greater control. In Perez’ announcement of Jose’s departure, he mentioned that the mutual consented contract termination wouldn’t have happened had Real Madrid won the Champions League (which was missed with a 4-3 loss to Dortmund in Semi Finals). This means that the club board has had their faith on Mourinho till the end (Had Madrid won the Champions League, Iker would be benched till he sorts out the issue with Mou). But this hadn’t happened at Chelsea. Though the special one instilled the much needed winning mentality into the team’s DNA, Roman’s ego went above any reason or logic. By firing Mourinho, he created an imbalance which has impacted the team till now and left the fans wanting him back.

Jose Mourinho and Roman Abramovich

Jose Mourinho and Roman Abramovich

4. The Special One: José accusation of everyone-but-him for the failure is also not true. He is also responsible for the not-so-successful campaigns he had. Remember that Mourinho’s attitude of creating the us-versus-everyone-else-in-the-world image is not under question. That has helped teams come close together and to stand up to succeed in all the competitions.

  • Mourinho’s aggression made him poke Tito Vilanova during a match against Barcelona. That was suicidal. It was one of the incidents which even his die hard fans can’t support. His post match comments too made him the villain of footballing community.
  • Mourinho wasn’t aggressive in his match against Manchester United in the Champions League 2012-13 season. He seemed more like he wanted to be Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor than to be a successful Real Madrid manager. His post match comments made him and the club look so small. That’s one of his all time low points. To say that the opponents were the best team at such an intense match would have given his team members lack of confidence and trust in him.
Jose Mourinho poking Tito Vilanova's eye

Jose Mourinho poking Tito Vilanova’s eye

So, with these four factors discussed, I would like to rewrite the success equation (in the beginning of this article) as follows:

Confident Board + Supportive Fans + Selfless Players + The Special One = Guaranteed Success

Hail Mourinho! Comparison of Jose Mourinho with other renowned managers are on their way. So, keep reading!



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José Mourinho can bring success only with money is a myth. He has so far managed 6 clubs (Benfica, União de Leiria, F.C.Porto, Chelsea F.C., Internazionale and Real Madrid). Among these clubs, he has managed one or more full seasons with Porto (2 seasons), Chelsea (3 seasons), Inter (2 seasons) and Real Madrid (3 seasons). Many people think that all the teams that Mourinho ever managed are made with hundreds of millions of money. This articles will dispel that misconception.

  • With Porto, he has won 6 trophies in two complete seasons. Do you think that the club has spent a lot in net transfers spending (total expenditure in buying players – total revenue from selling players)? Not at all. In fact, their net transfer spending is -5.9 million Euros i.e., they have earned 5.9 million Euros during the two years in transfer market.
  • With Inter Milan, he has won 5 trophies (2 league titles, 1 Copa Italia, 1 Italian Super Cup and 1 UEFA Champions League) in two seasons. The net transfer spending by Inter Milan during those two seasons is 39 million Euros (19.5 million Euros per season). For a big club like Inter Milan chasing for Champions League, a spending of approx. 20 million Euros per season is not extravagant. Still, he brought them the success they really aspired for.
  • He was mainly given an opportunity in F.C.Porto because of the results that he produced with Benfica and with União de Leiria (though for a very short term). Those two clubs weren’t pumped with loads of cash either.
Transfer Spending of Jose's Teams

Transfer Spending of Jose’s Teams

Two clubs’ (Chelsea and Real Madrid) management believed that bringing Mourinho and splashing money alone will work. No, it will not. In the upcoming posts, the flaws made by the players, the fans, the management and the special one himself in these clubs will be analyzed.


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José Mourinho has been hated by many in the footballing world, but do remember that he would be the only manager whose name is sung by fans after six years of his departure from a club (Chelsea). When he won Champions League with Inter Milan, many Chelsea fans were happily celebrating as if Chelsea had won it. It’s true that he has many enemies in the footballing word, but he has also won a million hearts in the same court. This post details some of his achievements in F.C.Porto.

Jose Mourinho in F.C.Porto

Jose Mourinho in F.C.Porto

  • In the end of 2001-02 season, He promised to win the Portuguese league the following year. Not only did he deliver what he promised, he has won all the trophies (Primeira Liga, Taça de Portugal and UEFA Cup – the treble with Europa League) that the team contested in. F.C.Porto won their first ever UEFA Cup under his guidance. He has also managed to get the maximum total points ever in Primeira Liga then.
  • In the 2003-04 season, He has won an unprecedented treble (Primeira Liga, UEFA Champions League and Supertaça – the World Treble). His team also won Manchester United in the Champions League with a goal in the “extra-time” at Old Trafford against Sir Alex Ferguson.
  • Of all the F.C.Porto Managers who have finished at least two complete seasons, Jose Mourinho has the highest number of trophies per season (three per season)

He is indeed one of the most successful managers of F.C.Porto and he is being highly regarded by the club President Pinto da Costa. Mourinho can bring success only with money is a myth. More on that will be brought to you in the following article.

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This series of posts is written to illustrate the greatness of the coach who has won a million hearts and who has made more enemies than any other football manager during his stints in many European clubs.

  • There are 10 managers who has managed Real Madrid over the past 10 years. Among them are the Champions League winner and 7 time league title winner Fabio Capello, La liga and Super Cup winner Bernd Schuster, and 2 time UEFA Cup winner Juande Ramos.  Only Jose Mourinho could survive more than one complete season in-charge among those 10 managers.
10 years at Real Madrid

10 years at Real Madrid

  • After the historic spell of Miguel Muñoz for 14 years from 1960 to 1974 in Real Madrid, only Vicente del Bosque managed more seasons (3.5 seasons) and more matches (233 matches) than Jose Mourinho (3 seasons and 177 matches) [2 matches to be played].
  • Among the entire Real Madrid history, Jose Mourinho has the second highest win percentage (second only to Manuel Pellegrini, who has stayed in Real Madrid just for one season managing just 48 matches). Among the Real Madrid managers who had managed more than 150 games, Leo Beenhakker stands second to Mourinho with just 63.31% win percentage (almost 10 percentage points compared to Jose Mourinho’s 72.57%).

Wait for more exciting facts and vital statistics about Jose Mourinho. Hail Mou!

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Gameweek 12 ended with 35 goals, 3 clean sheets, 23 yellow cards, 2 red cards, 6 home wins, 3 away wins and a draw in 10 matches. Statistics is provided by EPL Statistics.

1. Yet another High scoring North London Derby

This year’s North London derby at Emirates Stadium became a carbon copy of last year result 5-2. Last 5 matches between Spurs and Gunners at Emirates resulted in 30 goals scored between them. Adebayor received the 20th red card of the season.

Adebayor Red Carded

Adebayor Red Carded

2. Luis Suarez on target once again

Luis Suarez was on target in the last 4 consecutive matches. This week he scored a brace to put Liverpool in its best position (11th in the table) so far in this season. More importantly, with an assist and a goal, Jose Enrique was the best player on the field. The goal was his first ever goal for Liverpool in all competitions.

3. Manchester remains Villans’ most dreaded place

With this weekend 5-0 loss to Manchester City, Aston Villa had played 36 premier league matches in Manchester so far (Both the clubs included). Among these, only 3 occasions did they win and in another 6 occasions they managed to draw. The rest 27 matches were won by the Manchester clubs.

4. Guzmán opens his PL account against Magpies

Jonathan de Guzmán scored his first premier league goal versus Newcastle United in a 2-1 win. Demba Ba scored his 9th goal (9 out of 14 goals of Newcastle) this season in the extra time, but it didn’t help the team. The loss has left Newcastle in their worst position (12th in the table) this season.

5. QPR remains victory-less after 12 games

Saints came out victorious in the Battle between the bottom two. Queens Park Rangers is the only club in the premier league now without a win.

6. Reading kick-starts, but a little lately

Reading kept its first clean sheet of the season in the last match and this gameweek they won their first match of the campaign this week against Everton. This brings to end the 8-match unbeaten streak of Everton.

7. Another stellar home performance by the Baggies

Chelsea remains win less for the fourth match since they lost to Manchester United. West Bromwich Albion on the other hand proved that they are really strong at home by winning their 6th in 7 matches.

Petr Cech tries to stop the ball

Petr Cech tries to stop the ball

8. First Arsenal! Next Stoke! Now Manchester United for Norwich!!

Norwich city is on a very good run of matches remaining undefeated in 5 matches. That comes in style as it includes wins against Arsenal and Man United. Norwich are currently positioned at their highest position (13th) in the table this season.

9. Fulham’s bad run continues

Fulham was a run of 3 matches without a win and it worsened with the loss against Sunderland. Fulham is the second highest scoring club in the league after Manchester United. This is Sunderland’s second win of the season.

10. West Ham vs Stoke City

Stoke City is determined to have the most number of draws in the season as they drew 7th match in 12 games. They have conceded the second least number of goals this season after Manchester City.

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Gameweek 11 ended with 10 matches, 3 home wins, 4 draws, 3 away wins, 26 goals and 4 cleansheets. Manchester United remained in the top whereas Chelsea dropped to third position. Reading and QPR remain win less. Manchester City remains defeat-less. Match statistics for the article is provided by EPL Statistics.

Killer instinct is missing again

One inspirational dose that Arsene Wenger couldn’t inject into this team is to seal the victory at crucial times. Mikel Arteta’s penalty miss and losing a 2-goal early lead this week against Fulham shows that Arsenal is not yet ready for the Premier League title. Dimitar Berbatov was exceptional in the match with a role to play in all the three goals. After 9 matches, Giroud went on score sheet with 2 headers.

Arteta Penaly Miss

Arteta Penaly Miss

That’s the end of draw run for Toffees

It was indeed surprising to see someone else apart from Steven Fletcher to be on Sunderland’s scoring sheet. And Adam Johnson became the second Sunderland player to score in EPL this season by scoring in 45th minute. With Sunderland creating many chances and being in command in first half, a 1-0 win was expected. Then came the strikes from Fellaini and Jelavic in the last 15 minutes of the game to seal Everton’s victory. The win has helped Everton end their 4 game draw run and position themselves in top 4 in the table.

Neither team are clinical enough

Yes! Reading and Norwich city are the two teams which have pitted and fought hard against each other but ultimately ended up in a 0-0 draw. Neither of the team are good at chance creation or finishing. Ultimately, Reading remains win less in the season.

9th match Saints have scored

It’s usually very strange for a club in 19th position to score in 9 out of 11 matches it has played and Southampton has done that. Eventually their defense is one of the worst amongst all the other clubs by 9 goals. In the match against Swansea the team drew with 1-1 and this is the second draw for them.

Another loss for the last club hanging

QPR is the other club which hasn’t recorded a win so far. Despite having a solid team, Mark Hughes wasn’t able to get the results from the team. Stoke City as usual are stronger in their home and haven’t conceded a defeat at Britannia stadium this season. Charlie Adam scored his first goal for his new club Stoke. Begovic was solid in the goal earning the 5th clean sheet of the season.

First away win for the Baggies

The surprise package of the season is West Bromwich Albion. With their brilliant home run of 5 wins in 6 matches, they have been able to put themselves ahead of Spurs and Arsenal. But they haven’t won a match away from home. They have opened their away win account with a 1-2 win against Wigan.

Red Devils truly are comeback kings

Manchester United are on a 5-game winning streak with a 2-3 win against Aston Villa. More important is that they have comeback from 2-0 at 50 minutes (5th comeback victory). Aston Villa were the better side in the first half. Amazing goal scoring and arriving-at-scoring-position skills of the second half substitute Javier Hernandez helped the team to gather 15 points out of the 5 games.

Chicharito Goal Celebration

Chicharito Goal Celebration

What else can Dzeko do?

Another substitute appearance and another goal by Dzeko has put Manchester City win Tottenham Spurs. Surprisingly Adebayor was played ahead of Defoe the top scorer for Spurs this season. Spurs have taken the lead with Steven Caulker. With Sergio Aguero’s clinical finish, Citizens have equalized. Then came Dzeko and scored at 88th minute to earn the 3 points.

Nolan hit his former club at head

Kevin Nolan returned to his former club Newcastle and won three points for his current club West Ham with a goal. West Ham is currently above Spurs and Arsenal in the table. Hammers have to keep the momentum to stay up in the table.

Terry came, scored and went

John Terry came back from his injury just to score and go back in another injury. With many opportunities missed, Chelsea gave hopes back to Liverpool to come back into the game and they did with a goal from Luis Suarez. Chelsea thus left the game with a 1-1 draw (third win less game).


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Gameweek 10 ended with just 18 goals, 6 clean sheets, 35 yellow cards, 2 red cards, 3 home wins, 5 draws and 2 home losses. Manchester City remained defeat-less and QPR & Reading remained win-less.

1. Manchester United defeated Arsenal by 2-1 as the bad run for Gunners at Old Trafford continues. The loss can be attributed to the defensive errors of Vermalean and the red carded reckless Jack Wilshere. Robin Van Persie refused to celebrate after he scored and that implies his respect towards his former club. Wayne Rooney missed a penalty just before the half-time (third penalty miss for Manchester United this season). The match ended with a brilliant strike from Santi Cazorla, but that wasn’t enough for the Gunners to equalize.

Van Persie scores against his former club

Van Persie scores against his former club

2. An unimpressive Tottenham Hotspurs were beaten at home by Wigan Athletic. Brad Friedel was selected up ahead of Hugo Lloris again and he again failed to keep a clean sheet in his ninth match. Spurs’ only cleansheet came from Lloris. Throughout the match, the performance of Spurs was not up to the mark and Wigan were the better side. Immediately after the goal, Defoe who has played in 10 matches with 5 goals and 3 assists to his name was substituted by Adebayor who has neither started a match yet nor scored in a match yet. And the substitution didn’t help the team either. Finally, Wigan won back-to-back matches to move to 13th position.

3. Swansea fought hard and played well to draw Chelsea by 1-1. Victor Moses registered his first goal from his first start of the season and Cahill registered his first assist of the season. Pablo Hernandez’s brilliant strike at 88th minute couldn’t be contained by Cech earning Swansea City a well deserved point.

4. Sunderland’s Martin O’Neil and Carlos Cuellar played their former club Aston Villa at the Stadium of Light. But they didn’t have much luck against the Villans as they are defeated 0-1. This is Aston Villa’s first away win of the season (came in the sixth away match).

5. Norwich City’s second win comes against Stoke City at home. Norwich has also kept their 2nd clean sheet in the 3 last matches showing a decent run of defense. This match has pushed Stoke City into 15th position in the table (their worst position so far in the season).

6. Everton recorded their fourth consecutive draw with 2-2 result at Craven Cottage. Fulham began the scoring with a brilliant free kick from Bryan Ruiz. Tim Howard could just get his hand past the ball to let it in the goal. Fellaini was on the score sheet after 3 matches with a brace. The match was finished with an equaliser from Fulham.

Bryan Ruiz's free kick

Bryan Ruiz’s free kick

7. Manchester City hadn’t scored in a match for the time in the season with a 0-0 draw against West Ham and the result brought Man City’s 4 match winning streak to a halt. Another interesting fact is that Manchester City hadn’t committed a single foul in the game.

8. Queens Park Rangers and Reading haven’t been able to clinch their first victory with a 1-1 draw amongst them. They are the only teams without a win in the league now.

9. Newcastle returned from Anfield without a win for the 18th time as the match ended in a 1-1 draw. The interesting fact from this match is that Liverpool committed 10 fouls and ended up with no card whereas the Magpies fouled once and ended up with a red card.

10. Southampton continued their 3-match losing streak against West Brom, thanks to a brace from Peter Odemwingie. With this win, West Brom was well position at 5th in the table. Their home record is brilliant with 5 wins and a loss (second best in points/home game).


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