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The first thing on my shopping list for college was a smartphone. I wanted a mobile powered by Android Operating System with touch screen and 5 mega pixel in-built camera. My budget was Rs.15,000. I searched mobiles from various brands and finally zeroed in on Samsung’s Galaxy Ace Gt-S5830.
Once you have a first look at the mobile you can tell that the design and look & feel are almost similar to that of Apple iPhone 4. But it didn’t put me off from buying it. Combination of simple, glossy touch screen, gripping black back cover and light weight made the hand set look better and handy. 
One of the main advantages this product offers is the low cost. In other competitive brands such as Xperia series of Sony and iPhones of Apple, the price is too high (even though the price is justified for their superior hardware and quality, Indian buyers want best products at low price). In Indian Mobile market, Motorola doesn’t have a Android 2.2 mobile. Nokia is very much lagging behind in the smartphone segment with poor touch features. 
The touch screen comes with multi-touch support making zooming in and zooming out much easier. Touch sensitivity is high and it works pretty fast. Android is the key driving factor of ACE. With the huge android app market, Samsung survived. Because Samsung’s application store has very less mobile apps for Ace.
Another key feature of Ace is the SWYPE keyboard. Swype is an text input product from Swype Inc. It is a text messaging feature with which you can type by sliding your finger on the touch keyboard. It is really faster than the available texting methods. It reduces a lot of time from texting and is cool.  It was first incorporated on Samsung Omnia II and now it is almost present in all smartphones.
The biggest problem with Ace is an average battery performance. The stand-by time is good enough. But when you start using the applications, power gets consumed like water. You need a charger all the time with you, as you can’t help yourself out of the reach of applications.
The internet browser is good as it gives a near-desktop-browser look. But the fact that Ace doesn’t support flash makes it inferior for browsing. The websites are increasingly moving towards flash-based applications. The lack of over-the-air upgradation of Android makes us consume a lot of time for upgrading at a future time. 
The mobile mostly attracts the middle-income segment and it will dominate in that segment for some time. College students from upper middle class family will be vulnerable targets for this product. Ace is user-friendly, cool, fast, and priced better. Overall, Ace delivers value for cost.

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