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Love-u Love-u

 Quick fact: 83% (Barney effect) of the Indians in their 20-25s are desperate to fall in love with someone.

With someone! Isn’t it ridiculous? In movies, serials, and short films, Love is depicted altogether differently. “As a special connect with a special one”. Is that how it happens in reality?

Enormous people just fall in love because they are close friends with someone from the opposite gender. But being close friends isn’t a gateway to Love. May be I haven’t understood about Love because I am gladly in the remaining 17%. But from my observations, it is more of a desperation rather than love.

How does desperation dominate? It all starts with the time one starts staying away from home. The need to share everything with people apart from parents begins there. Will people from same gender be interested in listening to any of that? I hate when someone from same gender asks “whether I had food?” and “what I had?”. But, I have seen some of my friends ask that to their “love” as early as 6 AM in the morning. Come on! At 6 AM, any person would do only one activity and everyone knows that!

Is it that need to share stupid things that grows into desperation? Yes mostly, added with some sensual flavors of attraction.

Once done with the under-graduation, this desperation increases and it makes many people fall in love so stupidly with their school friends, college friends, and colleagues. One good thing about this is that it leads to some funny experiences (Either in expressing it or in not expressing it). Those funny experiences end in awesome memorable pranks among friends.

So, in this process some succeed and some fail to fall in love and make their “love” fall in love. Those who succeed mostly get married and end up “I don’t know where!”. I have to wait for a couple of years more to know that from my friends who are getting married.

But those who fail, in most of the cases understands that desperation pushed them into this. Then they wait and wait and wait for the “head-over-heels” love which they want.

Another quick fact: Only 1% of the total world population actually have a chance to witness such love.

So, they end up without love. The remaining 17% of the cases end up with no desperation for love till 24-25s. Then they can’t be having fun anymore as they will be alone then with their friends getting almost settled by then. And then they start searching for their soul mate not love.

Love mostly happens because, we need to share some stupid things! This is what mostly love is. (From an outsider’s perspective. May be 83% wrong.)


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