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7am arivu joins the list of movies like Ayirathil Oruvan that had a great storyline but was poorly made. A.R.Murugadas – Surya combination hype added to this has done the damage. The story of resurrecting Bodhidharman (Damo) to stop the threat from the Chinese Government is a very good choice for a movie to be made by A.R.Murugadas with Surya as the lead actor. Showing such a story live is very different from the way mass entertainers should be shown. Such a story should be presented in a fast pace with simple illustrations wherever required. What happened wrong in this movie?

The beginning was fine, but it should have been a little bit fast. Showing a person travel for 3-4 minutes without significant dialogue or good visuals annoys everyone. That part could have been reduced or that part could have been started with something like the scientist explaining the details to someone in the middle. The second option would have left the director to give an intro song to the hero. That would have lifted the spirits of the audience. Overall the screenplay was boring and all it would fetch is a 3 out of 10 from the audience.
The songs were good to listen but the way they were pictured and the way they were forcefully inserted at unnecessary time frames in the movie made them worse. Success of any movie song lies in the urge to watch the song once we come out of the movie. None of the movie has succeeded in that. Yamma Yamma in particular was the worst of the lot. Songs would get a 4 out of 10.
Then comes the choice of the actress. I don’t know how A.R.Murugadas chose Shruti Hasan. She was terrible. No one would believe that she was a budding scientist. The way she spoke in Tamil about “Tamil History” was very much annoying as her Tamil is the worst I have heard so far. And there wasn’t even a small pinch of chemistry between her and Surya. The love scenes are so loose that it didn’t make even a small impact. I don’t know how A.R.M. who made the best love scenes in Ghajini flopped in that section. Selection of Villain Dong Lee seems fine but he wasn’t given a good build up to suit the role. On the whole, it is just 2 out of 10 for the casting. 
Then comes the flaw which attributed to some of the other flaws – “The background score”. In many places it didn’t suit to the situation at all. Harris Jeyaraj should rediscover himself as being the best copy cat of the industry. Background score – 1.5/10. 
The failure can only be attributed to the overconfidence of the crew. Every scene seemed as if there wasn’t enough attention given to those scenes. With such a good story, meticulous planning and pacy screenplay would have made it a blockbuster of the year. Instead it has become a shame by getting rated lower than the mass entertainer Velayudam. And it is just another good story wasted!

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