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Thuppakki is Vijay’s upcoming Diwali release action movie. Diwali releases always raise the expectation. Vijay turning altogether stylish increases it to the next level. Big lead heroine roles are showering Kajal Aggarwal’s way, as she stars opposite Surya in Maattrraan and Vijay in Thuppakki. This is also a must-win situation for A. R. Murugadoss as he tries to come back from his first flop in career, 7am arivu. Harris Jayaraj has done the music. It is his second movie with Vijay and third movie with Murugadoss.



Kutti Puli Kootam (Singers :  Hariharan, Tippu, Narayana, Sathyan, Ranina Reddy; Lyricist : Viveka)

The song begins with Hindi lyrics which obviously I don’t understand. From the time when Tamil part began, the lyrics are disturbing in a bad way. The lyrics were difficult to comprehend itself. For example, “Hey நானும் இப்போ Mumbai Wala; நாளை முதல் 1000 Wala; மேல போல Sixer Wala; Saala Saala, Saala Saala” among other similar lines are simply meaningless. But this song being very energetic and vibrant will definitely be a hit among Vijay fans. The voice of all the singers were well synced with the music and blends with it.

Antartica (Singers :  Vijay Prakash, Krish, Devan, Rajeev; Lyricist : Madhan Karky)

The music seemed very repetitive in this song. Nisha would most probably be Kajal’s name in the movie as it was added in this songs’ lyrics. The song’s lyrics were good. The lines like “அழகளந்திடும் கருவிகள் செயல் இழந்திடும் அவளிடம்” intensifies the efforts of lyricist to describe the beauty of heroine. Apart from Karky’s lyrics, this song didn’t have enough pointers to stand out.

Poi Varavaa (Singers :  Karthik, Chinmayi; Lyricist : Pa.Vijay)

This song is a farewell to the homeland by the hero who is leaving for Army service. Kathik’s voice was just mesmerizing as always. His voice is capable of bringing out the emotions that the lyricist wishes to. Chinmayi’s humming in the background is pleasant. The lyrics begin with the bidding farewell with hero’s mind split between war and home. Later it depicts the pride of a Mother whose Son was in Army and has lost his life. The finishing line is really patriotic. “தேசமே! தேசமே! என் உயிரின் உயிரின் உயிரின் தவமாகும்! போரிலே காயமே என் உடலின் உடலின் உடலின் வரமாகும்!” . A pleasant song to listen, but it isn’t a masterpiece material which will remain in audience mind for a long time.

Google Google (Singers :  Vijay, Andrea Jeremiah, Joe, Krishna Iyer; Lyricist : Madhan Karky)

Vijay has sung after a break of 6 years and that itself is a reason for his fans to make it a hit. It combined with Madhan Karky’s lyrics including many current trend words like Google, Yahoo, twitter, facebook & eBay made it a real treat for Vijay’s fans. But the excessive injection of English words wasn’t necessary, but to describe the activities of hero and heroine Karky wouldn’t have got any other choice. Still, he did a great job with the way his lyrics were usually written. Andrea’s voice is also energetic and complements Vijay’s.

Vennilave (Singers :  Hariharan, Bombay Jayashri; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

Vennilave is a scintillating romantic melody flavored with the ever awesome Hariharan’s and Bombay Jayashri’s voices. The song begins with Hindi lyrics leading to the Tamil ones which were soft and soothing. Na. Muthukumar’s lyrics have become so special that he could produce a magic with his bag of pure Tamil words. The lyrics like “நீ எனது கனவில் வரவே எழாமல் இருக்கிறேன்! உன் சுவாசம் உயிரை தொடவே விடாமல் பிடிக்கிறேன்!” and “அழகே நீ ஓர் பூகம்பம் தானா? அருகே வந்தால் பூ கம்பம் தானா?” were brilliant and unique.

Alaikaa Laikaa (Singers : Javed Ali, Sayanora Philip, Sharmila; Lyricist : Pa.Vijay)

Alaikaa Laikaa is a song which is very difficult to classify. It is a mix of many genre. Pa. Vijay has the ability to write lyrics at both the extremes. He wrote brilliantly for Poi Varavaa, but in this song it was the other way. The usage of English words is excessive and those English words doesn’t do any good either. Javed Ali and Sayanora Philip have given their perfect voice modulation required for this song. The music though hasn’t produced anything new.

Jagdish On Mission (Theme Music)

The theme music begins with mild tones from synthesizer for almost a minute and steps up into modern beats. The later half of the theme though looks energetic and stylish, it mostly seems like a chasing scene background score.


Thuppakki Rating

Thuppakki Rating

Bottom line:

In TV review style, “துப்பாக்கி – தோட்டா இல்லை”! In blogging style, Thuppakki has 2-3 moderate songs but doesn’t meet the expectations.


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Maattrraan is the upcoming movie featuring Suriya in dual attached twins role. The trailer itself has created an anticipation among the Tamil audience. This is the first time in Tamil movies that a hero is doing both the characters of attached twins. The movie is directed by K. V. Anand. His previous movies Ayan and Ko being big hits creates an expectation out of him. Fabulous Kajal Aggarwal is the actress in the movie. The music director for the movie is Harris Jeyaraj. When it is Harris, the songs are expected to be fresh but with the same style being adopted. And the songs fulfill it.



Rettai Kathirae (Singers : Krish, Balaji, Mili Nair & Sharmila; Lyricist : Na.Muthukumar)

This song will mostly be the introduction song. The song depicts the similarities, the differences and the qualities of the attached twins. The female vocal humming ‘come a long way’ in the song, the music with the ‘puyaladithum vaazhuthe’ line, the lyrics stanza beginning ‘இவன் வார்த்தை மழை துளியாக’ and the voice of Krish are the highlights of this song. The ‘nimi nimi’ female vocal followed by the rap and the speed modulated rettai kathirae towards the end are the parts which weren’t pleasant. Overall, the lyricist Na. Muthukumar and singer Krish made it a big flick.

Kaal Mulaitha Poovae (Singers : Javed Ali & Mahalakshmi Iyer; Lyricist : MadhanKarky)

Harris has tried an altogether different style in this song. The innovative lyric male-female duo combination in stanza ‘நிலவுகள் தலைகள் குனிந்ததே‘ is brilliant. For the inclusion of exotic names like Volga river, Ballet, Chamomile flower and Soviet Union paintings without inclusion of English, Madhan Karky should be given a salute. The stanza ‘அசையும் அசைவில் மனதை பிசைய‘ was sung at a speed of 8x that no one will remember it. Javed Ali’s voice wasn’t that impressive to this song.

Theeyae Theeyae (Singers : Franco, Aalaap Raju, Sathyan & Charulatha Mani; Lyricist : Pa.Vijay)

A regular musical flick from Harris’ keyboard. Aalaap Raju is becoming one of best playback singers and with this song he has again proved it. The lyrics apart from the line ‘அழகான வார்த்தை நீ என்றால்; முற்றுபுள்ளி வெட்கம்‘, aren’t relatively that impressive. The songs energetic beats are brilliant but the rap in between and the mix of musical instruments in the middle of the song comes as a disappointment.

Yaaro Yaaro (Singers : Karthik & Priya Himesh; Lyricist : Thamarai)

This song’s music is very hackneyed. Still, I would say this is the best song in this movie. The reasons are the lyrics and the playback singers. Karthik has brought the feeling of sadness due to loss through his voice. Not all singers could do that. The lyrics were overall good, but I would say the line ‘இது கனவா இருந்தால் கலைந்தே போகும் போகட்டும்‘ brings out the simple feeling anyone after a loss would have. Hats-off to Karthik and Thamarai.

Naani Koni (Singers : Vijay Prakash, Karthik & Shreya Ghoshal; Lyricist : Viveka)

Again a very repetitive performance by Harris. The songs only best thing is the performance of the playback singers. Vijay, Karthik and Shreya have all made it a very fresh and energetic song. The song has ups and downs with discordant timing which makes it a not so pleasant one. Viveka’s lyrics are neither brilliant nor so bad. They are good but fail to make a connect with the audience.


Maattrraan rating

Maattrraan rating


Maattrraan songs score in the lyrics and the playback singers’ voice but fail to live up to music expectations.

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Saguni is the upcoming Tamil movie of satire genre, which runs with Politics as the background. The film stars Karthi (Probably the best fit for such type of movies) and Pranitha (Second Tamil movie). The music album has 5 songs composed by G. V. Prakash Kumar. The other notable cast are Sandhanam, Radhika Sarathkumar, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Prakash Raj. As the trailer indicated, comedy by Karthi as Kamal and Sandhanam as Rajni will be brilliant.



Kandha Kaara Vadai (Singers : Shankar Mahadevan; Lyricist : Paramu)

This song is meant to critic the declining importance of Tamilians in Tamilnadu. “Busy city with Pasi citizens” sets the same in the very beginning of the song. Shankar Mahadevan’s voice as usual didn’t disappoint. His voice adds much needed strength to the song. “Kandha kara vada..” lyric wasn’t good, but rhythmic to hear. Though Paramu disappointed in the initial lines, the lines that followed were too good and they clearly elicited the problems increasingly faced in Chennai.

Manasellam Mazhaiye (Singers : Sonu Nigam, Saindhavi; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

Manasellam Mazhaiye is a romantic song. Sonu Nigam’s voice stands out and adds a magical flavor to the song. Saindhavi’s voice is very youthful and is especially good in the places where a slight Carnatic touch is there. The lyrics from Na. Muthukumar are well worded to induce the feeling of love. Such lyrics mixed with the music which allowed more scope of the lyrics to be heard well and which blended well at times required produced a song which is definitely set to hit the stands.

Vella Bambaram (Singers : Baba Sehgal, Priya Himesh; Lyricist : Vivega)

This peppy number is an usual song as happening in Tamil now-a-days. In the song, GVP tried to give a feel of happiness and celebration and he is successful to a certain extent. The voice of Baba Sehgal and Priya Himesh suited the style of the song, but they failed to create an appeal. The lyrics by Vivega isn’t that good in attracting the audience except that the “Vella Bambaram” line might attract audience for a short time. The increasing usage of English words is a bit annoying.

Pottadhu Pathalai Maapillai (Singers : Velmurugan; Lyricist : Annamalai)

This sad kuthu song has no differentiation in terms of music, lyrics, and the way it was sung to any other song in the same genre. Velmurugan is typically the first person who will come to anyone’s mind now for such songs and he has done his part. The lyrics aren’t disappointing, but are very normal. The music is very ordinary with no identity of special effort being put on it.

Aatukkutti Muttaipodum Solliduvaanda (Singers : Pushpavanam Kuppusamy; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

This political campaign song with a flavor of village folk style is a well executed attempt which delivered the ultimate purpose. In the entire album, the lyrics of Na. Muthukumar stood out than the others. This song also had nice lyrics. The voice of Pushpavanam Kuppusamy is enough to set any song in a folk style and his efforts really had an impact. The music though is normal, it created a feel of the election campaigns.


Ratings for Saguni songs

Ratings for Saguni songs

The songs in Saguni are normal and ordinary with patches of above normal scores.

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Billa 2 is the prequel to Billa. It is the story of the rise of an ordinary man into an underworld don. Ajith Kumar – Yuvan Shankar Raja combination is present in both the movies. With Mankatha’s hit, the expectations rose for another Yuvan-Ajith combo and the songs are released amidst the high expectations. And the release happened on Ajith Kumar’s birthday, which makes it more special.

Billa 2

Billa 2

Gangster (Singers : Yuvan Shankar Raja, Stefny; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

The initial music along with the rap Gang Gang Gangster sets the song going in style. Stefny’s voice is apt in the initial verses, but in the ending verses the impact fades. The music is followed by powerful lines like Thannai thane sethukiyavan ivan, etc., which would appeal to many Ajith fans. The versions of synthesized theme of Billa are trendy. Yuvan has modulated his voice to suit the song well.

Idhayam (Singers : Shweta Pandit; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

A very sweet and romantic song, which is rare from Yuvan. Shweta Pandit’s voice is mesmerizing. A mix of music of Veena, Flute and Percussion instruments is used to produce a magical music. There are places where flute and veena dominates the Song with their solo stretches.  The lyrics are clearly audible and are wonderful. Overall, a pleasant and appealing song.

Yedho Mayakkam (Singers : Yuvan Shankar Raja, Tanvi Shah; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

Though the music has a big influence from Jennifer Lopez’ track On the floor ft. Pitbull, this peppy number will make everyone tap their feet. The use of synthesizers is brilliant and the nadaswaram parts are awesome. Vocals from Tanvi shah keeps the tempo high throughout and the modulation of voice by Yuvan as always is too good. The initial stanza lyrics are good and special credit has to be given to Na. Muthukumar and Yuvan for having Tamil lyrics in most of this song, though the song is in western style and English lyrics suit it better.

Madurai Ponnu (Singers : Andrea Jeremiah; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

This is an item song which predominantly has percussion instrument music starts with very much a folk style. A good attempt by Andreah and her voice is very much suited to the song. The transition to the high pitch in the middle of the song hasn’t been smooth and the parts were disjoint at the transition. Lyrics are a good fit for the style of the song.

Unakkulle Mirugam (Singers : Ranjith; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

This song is a feast to Ajith’s fans as it generates a mass appeal. The lyrics are so powerful and it depicts the gory and the dark side of the don. Muthal Adiyil Nadunga Vaendum, Maru Adiyil Adanga Vaendum, and Valiathuthaan Uyirpiyaikum Ithuvarai Iyarkaiyin Vithi Ithuthan are some of the powerful lines which diffuses a halo of darkness around the hero. The beats used in the song is energetic. The song also has Billa theme in between. Ranjith has done his part by singing in the very high pitch possible.

Billa II Theme Music (Singers : Yuvan Shankar Raja)

The theme begins with a sign of darkness prevailing and sets up the stage for the Billa theme to begin. Gladly, the build up to the Billa theme fulfills all the expectations. Making a song again is a tough game and Yuvan scores a straight six for this theme.


Rating for Billa II songs

Rating for Billa II songs

* – Rating in this article is different from that of the previous music review ratings.

A good listen, not at the first time of listening but after repeated listening.

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The music album, as other Harris Jeyaraj’s albums, have lots of influences from other movie songs such as Minnalgall Koothadum song from the movie Polladhavan, beats of Suttum Vizhi from the movie Ghajini, and Parvaiale koithai song from the movie Bheema. But influences are very common in Tamil music industry now-a-days and in particular very common in Harris’ music. So, setting aside the influences we will see how are the songs in this movie.

Adada Oru (Singer : Karthik; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

Karthik’s voice does the trick for this song. Enthusiastic beats with modified pitch has added more flavor to the song. The lyrics are purely in Tamil. Ival Yaarival Inthiran Magalaa stanza alone stands out in Na. Muthukumar’s lyrics. The classical humming produces a disharmony in this otherwise pleasant song.

Akila akila (Singers : Aalap Raju, Chinmayi & Sharmila; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

Peppy numbers are Harris’ specialty. And with Chinmayi singing, makes the song so special. Chinmayi’s voice modulation as always was at the best possible level and her humming in between the lines is mesmerizing. Aalap Raju’s selection had also fitted well. The lyrics of this song is good and adds flavor to the music and the vocals. Armstrong and strong words in the lyrics are a little bit disappointing as the rest of the song is in Tamil.

Azhage Azhage (Singers : Mukesh & Madhumitha; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

The lyrics of this song is simple, clear and rhythmic to listen. Madhumitha’s voice has fit well to the song, but Mukesh’s voice hasn’t been really a good fit. Music is slow and pleasing. The percussion used is particularly brilliant and stands out.

Kaadhal Oru Butterfly (Singers : Aalap Raju, Hemachandran & Sunitha Sarathy; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

The initial stanza of the song sets high expectation for the song and the song has been up to the expectation. After the massive hit of Ennamo Aetho song from movie Ko, Aalap Raju had sung this relatively slow paced song. But the difference in the impact of lyrics among both the songs is huge. the lyrics in this song aren’t memorable.

Venaam Machan (Singers : Naresh Iyer & Velmurugan; Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar)

This is a heart-break-after-love-break gaana song. Velmurugan’s voice fits the mood of the song very well. As such gaana songs don’t have any rules of purity in lyrics. Leaving the mix of English in the lyrics, the lyrics hadn’t had an impact. But this song will be a favorite for the C-class for the audience at least a month.

The following table is the rating I would give to the songs of this album:

Oru Kal Oru Kannadi

Rating of Oru Kal Oru Kannadi songs

P.S. I have begun writing song reviews very recently. Reviews, about my review, both good and bad are really welcome.

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I downloaded 3 (Moonu) Movie Songs this week and since then it has been continuously playing in my mobile. At least for 30 times, I have heard the songs. Following are the tracks of the movie and my views on the same.

Nee Partha Vizhigal – The Touch of Love

The initial guitar and flute music is very soft flowing and pleasing to listen. The song starts like Cheran’s ‘Nila.. Nee.. Vaanam Kaatru..’ song from Pokkisham movie. But as the song progresses there are highs and lows in mood which are transitioned very well. The lyrics were written by Dhanush. A good effort by him. Vijay Yesudas and Swetha Mohan both have delivered the song amazingly well. Touches the heart.

Po Nee Po (Remix) – The Scream of Love

This song is so much like Yuvan’s remix songs. Clearly Anirudh’s style is very close to Yuvan’s. In the later verses of this song, the style is a little deviant from Yuvan’s and is great. The high tempo usage of Guitar, Flute and Drums instills the feeling of the pain of love in the audience and that makes the song an awesome one. The scream of the word ‘Janani’ is too good in between the lines. Sathya Prakash, one of the singer in the song, was a talent found out of the Airtel Super Singer competition in which he was the second runner up. His voice modulation is very good. Screams into the auditory senses.

The Rhythm of Love

This theme song gives a feeling that is delivered by a Selva raghavan – Yuvan combo emotional theme song. That says it all.

Come on girls – The Celebration of Love

This is a humorous song, with funny lyrics from Dhanush. But the music isn’t that great with incoherence between various phases of the song. The usage of different styles of music in a same song didn’t go well much. The ‘la la la la… Come on girls’ hum in the song is addictive. Really not a celebration of love!

A Life full of Love

This theme song is my most loved in the entire collection. The song just gives a snapshot of my wonderful moments in life in front of you in just two minutes. A huge morale booster. Hats off to Anirudh for this song.

Theme of 3

Nothing particularly distinct in this song apart from the mandolin of Seenu. A normal theme song.

Why this Kolaveri?

Kolaveri is an universal song. With its viral reach to millions of internet users, the audience already gave the verdict to this amazingly addictive song. A clear winner even before the movie’s post production was over.

Idhazhin Oram – The Innocence of Love

Another Airtel Super Singer Show’s find and Anirudh’s friend Ajeesh along with Anirudh has sung this song. Ajeesh  The flute stretch following the ‘Sollu nee I love you..’ stanza is mesmerizing and to-die-for type of magical music. ‘Sollu nee I love you..’ stanza is also peppy and pleasing to listen to. Lyrics is written by debutant Aishwarya Dhanush, the director of the movie. And the debut is not that bad.

Po nee Po – The Pain of Love

Po nee Po is a true Yuvan style sad-romance song with the feel of pain amazingly brought out of words and music mix. Mohit Chauhan’s voice is too good and is a very good fit for the song. The lyrics are very good and expresses the feel of pain in this simple, and purely Tamil song. ‘Idhuvarai onnudan vazhthan en natkal..’ line is the best in this song. A great lyricist lie inside Dhanush and it is very good for the Tamil industry as a series of multi-talented celebrities emerge.

Kannazhaga – The Kiss of Love

Shruthi Hasan with her brilliant voice and Anirudh with his amazing composition, have made the song pleasing and soothing to hear any time. Dhanush also did a decent job in singing and lyrics. Kisses the ears pleasingly.

My thoughts over the songs

  • Dhanush has a very good future as a lyricist. His lyrics are innovative, simple, and lively.
  • Anirudh Ravichander has really made his presence felt in his debut movie. A good addition to the increasingly rich Tamil music industry. More of such new comers will help in giving more opportunities to other aspirants and that is what he has done in this movie too.
  • The trio combination between Aishwarya Dhanush – Dhanush – Anirudh is expected again to make another magical music album.

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