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I was browsing through news sites. In one of the sites, a column titled “Facebook’s Zuckerberg to give most of his wealth away” was there. I am astonished. Why would someone do so? Obviously, he would have been deluged with money. Yes, of course. He is the youngest billionaire in the world now.

The Money for generations resting with an individual is almost passed on as inheritance to the next generation and so on. What is the significance in earning this money? Not even peaceful life! So, this initiative by the youngest billionaire to contribute the excessive surplus of his earnings is a welcome note. And he says “People wait until late in their career to give back. But why wait when there is so much to be done?”.

Along with the success of a person’s career, there is also a “social responsibility” element that grows. Under moral compulsion many contribute. Wealthiest people around the world have to learn to contribute to the society, not under moral compulsion, but moral commitment.

Zuckerberg’s contribution was morally pledged in “The Giving Pledge”. Almost many would have heard about “The Giving Pledge” campaign. But what is it exactly? It is a campaign, which encourages wealthiest people in America to commit themselves and their families to philanthropic activities. But will the wealthiest people will accede if some random person asks them to do so? Never!!!

Someone who is wealthier for decades, having a lot of respect among their ranks in terms of money or fame must have inspired others. Yes, “The Giving Pledge” is the brainchild of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. They transformed their philanthropic thought into an organization which has a moral but not legal commitment. They inspired a lot of billionaires as of now and they will continue to do so.

What is the purpose behind this motive? Well, there is criticism on this initiative as well that the contributions are aimed at reaching specific groups which don’t need so much funding. Let us brush these motives aside. This is a step well taken and organized. Wealthy people can only change the state of the world being “Rich gets richer! Poor gets  poorer!!”.

We need similar initiatives in India, where amassing wealth is not paralleled by the philanthropic activities. Although many India’s wealthy people engage themselves in Philanthropic activities, all the India’s wealthy people needs a moral commitment to Philanthropic activities.


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When I was discussing the social issues in my country with my friends and relatives, I could notice that we are all filled with the feeling that’s-impossible-with-our-country’s-huge-population. Why can’t we? It is quite right that it is difficult to implement progressive social policies transparently across the population, but we can.

In this huge population everyone believe in their own work. But very less people believe in the implementation of the social policies. And this population turns out to be politicians for whom it is his/her own work.

I understood that I am one amongst them. From now I will not. I am going to believe in the social policies which are for the betterment of the people. For me, Belief is the precursor of any act. Start believing!!!

THE CHANGE WE NEED IS THE ATTITUDE “WE CAN”. Please inculcate this positive attitude in your and also in others’ mind.

Sorry Barack for using your campaign slogan as my post title. But there couldn’t be any better title.

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Many people from India used to go to the Arab countries to do ‘work’, as they call it. But many of their works were subservient. I thought that this is really bad than living happily in India with whatever work you have. You have a got your family here, your friends here, your brothers and sisters throughout the nation. But what have you got there, a good earning with your master’s whip. Now I think studying in Australia is more depressing than working as ‘slaves’ in Arab countries.

Many racial attacks on Indians have been reported and are being reported everyday.  But why is it so? We say Aussies are racists, But aren’t we racists as well. In Mumbai, many prefer to be called as Mumbaikars than Indians. They even abused Sachin for being proud as an Indian. Is it a  sin to be proud of being an Indian? Even to the man who took India to a different stage in Cricket! A Politician raped a Russian woman in Goa. Is that a good deed?

Even after these many attacks, Australian government says that “These are not racially motivated attacks. These kind of attacks happens in every place”. If an attack is not racially motivated, it will not be considered a crime, huh? The Indian government is not really pressing the Australian government in this issue. They are not concerned about the Indian students studying there. Instead they are worried about the Telengana, the useless MP’s resignation dramas and in stripping off the medals from the DGP, who molested a 14-year old girl  19 year back.

India has improved a lot than Australia in almost all the areas. But still they are not able to press them on key issues like this. If similar problem happens to the students of UK or USA or some other powerful nation, these incidents wouldn’t be handled this way. With their outstanding managerial skills, they use the power, they possess, to safeguard their people. Here we have not explored our powers. Our Managerial skills are still below standards. Our Nation’s self-esteem should not be compromised. Our government should deal with the crimes both in India and against Indians in any part of the world in a much more organized and tough manner. Let the Indian people live in peace wherever they live!!!

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Bill Clinton was impeached from his office for involvement in a sex scandal. N.D.Tiwari resigned due to “health reasons” after his involvement in a sex scandal. How different are these politicians who are involved in same kind of crime being portrayed?

How come Indian people never mind the colorful lives of the politicians? If a person cannot be true to his wife, how can he be true to the nation? Finally he says, “I apologize, but I am not guilty”. Apologize for what, if he’s not guilty? What does this mean? Are we dumb enough to believe whatever these politicians say? “Indian people never mind this. They simply are raged once this comes in the news. Then everything goes like a flash. Next election we come in, win, and then rule them.” This is what these politicians think.

Let the people of India awake soon. Women should be protected by the leaders. Failing to do so he’s not at all a leader. N.D.Tiwari is a shame in Indian Politics. He should be brought before law and prosecuted. Though it may not penalize him or prevent him from doing politics, it will showcase his sexual infidelity to the sensible people of India(though their population is less).

To the Indian People “Please don’t entertain this kind of people in politics. It is disheartening.”

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One section of people in Andhrapradesh are demanding a separate state(Telengana) for them. But from the news I have been watching all day I could find one thing that the people are the ones who are fighting for it. The “Telengana” representatives are only resigning from their M.P. post. Is that the maximum possible thing that the leaders could do? Why couldn’t they fight along with the people. Kalvakuntla ChandraShekar Rao, called KCR, did fast for the people. But he is having only 2 MP seats that too in the opposition alliance, what is the use? This clearly states that it is not a public motive but one to strengthen his party’s support.

Then there were many a violence that happened in the state, that the central government agreed on the formation of Telengana. I thought this is the end, but it is not. Those who are not in favor of formation of the state threatened the government. Without all the fasting and violence, they achieved it as the central govt. backed what they have pledged. I guess these people are the ones who are more powerful. Again the violence started now.

The people who are fighting for this cause, do not understand one thing that even if they get a new state there will be no change in their life except they are in Telengana then. Politicians are going to reap the benefit of the new state. But the people who fought for the cause will not be remembered forever. How long will it take before the people realize this fact?

The leaders in TamilNadu used to emphasize on the use of Tamil language. I used to get angry about this as what will this improve? Now I got the point that this leads to an improved bonding amongst the people who speaks the Tamil language. This may at least prevent TamilNadu from being split into two states, even if that helps in improved governance.

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This is the question I have read in many newspapers till my college days. I didn’t understand that well then. But once I am in college, I am forced to see people in a different way. We have quota system, which basically divides people based on their caste!!! Why is that happening?

They say the Forward caste people ruled the Backward class people previously. So these political big shots are going to repeat it by reversing it huh?

Some say it is because Urban people are well educated than Rural people. Urban-Rural divide! Does this have anything to do with the Caste? Well even If it has, What should a good government do? They should improve the standards in Rural areas. Instead they reduced the standards!! How come they think education standards be compromised?

And even If you give them these privileged quotas in under-graduation, It’s fine. Only those who do under-graduation go for post-graduation. What is the need for the quota there? And even in jobs!! Why is there to a quota for caste?

If the government gives quota to the economically weaker people, that is really good. Because they find it really difficult to avail good education now-a-days. But why is it based on caste? It is because government is not concerned about poor, they are concerned about caste. They still say they are working for the betterment of the poor. SCREW THEM!!

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