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Read this post title literally! It is just about my travel from my native town Sankarankovil to Lucknow. The photos depict the series of events happened during that.

Sankarankovil – my native. The famous Siva-Vishnuu temple. I met Lord Ganesha, got blessings from him, and started from there.
Temple City A/C Family Veg. Restaurant at Madurai. Parveen travels’ air bus from Sankarankovil to Chennai stops here for dinner.
I reached Chennai the next day at around 0600. This is the house at Velachery, in which I stayed before I quit from Tata Consultancy Services.

Juice at Pazhamudhir Sollai with Nithin at noon.

In the evening, I started to visit the site at Pallikaranai. The work to construct the compound wall almost completed.

Around 2000, my friend Navneeth called me for a movie at Mayajaal, a multiplex at Chennai’s outskirts. Tickets were booked for 2350 show for “Avan Ivan” movie. Ranjith Raj, Navneeth, Lucy and me gossiped for a while, watched the movie and left back to home around 0230 in the morning. Riding Old Mahabalipuram Road at night reminded me of the night shifts @ Tata Consultancy Services. Present is slow, whereas Past was faster! How could that be? With those thoughts, I came back and slept around 0300. Little did I realize then, that that could be earlier to go to bed.
Me and Nithin @ KFC
Baskin Robbins @ Velachery


Nithin and Vaira @ KFC – second time that day

The next day, we(Vaira, Nithin and me) went to KFC, Velachery two times, went to Baskin Robbins and spent the day on food alone. The long duration gossips at Hot chips, KFC, and other food spots at Velachery mostly surrounded around one topic was just fun and nothing else could substitute it. I’ve to wait long enough for these to feature again in my routine life.

In the evening, I started to Adyar to meet Ram by metro train from Velachery. We both went to fruit shop in Besant Nagar. I was meeting him after long time as he returned from US of A just now after his post graduation. We were there for another one hour and then I bid him good bye and went to meet my batch mates of first year at College of Engineering, Guindy. We met at Besi, and then moved to Dawaat at Adyar. Once for all met everyone, and bid goodbye to them before returning to Velachery with half-heartedness. This had been the city which I loved the most. And now I may or may not land up at Chennai in the near future. I wish to return there and hoped so.
And finally, with no mood to leave Chennai, I started to the airport around 0500 next morning.

Chennai airport @ 0700

Delhi airport @ 1200 – waiting to start to Lucknow.
I reached Lucknow around 1400, and met Aditya, a student of my college at the airport. We both took a cab and reached the college at 1500. As Jose Mourinho always says of Chelsea FC, my heart always stays at Chennai and one day I will definitely return to Chennai. But for the next two years, Lucknow will be my home!

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