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We all meet great people often, don’t we?. During my recent travel, I met one such person. I wanted to share his story with you all. Here goes his story.

Some time back, He was working with the State Express Transport Corporation as a bus driver. Definitely, not a high paying job. Despite that, He wanted to admit his son in one of the best schools in Tenkasi district in Tamilnadu. He knew that the best thing that he should give his son is Education. Whether he could or not was a question then because of the huge gap between his pay slip and the big league schools’ expectations. As expected, One of such school’s management didn’t admit his son. He didn’t give up. He did get his son admitted by fighting (not literally) with the school officials and going to an extent of contacting a minister. From my knowledge, it is very difficult for even the middle class families to put their kids in that school. But here is a father who would never give up on his son’s future. Not only did he admit his son there, he made his son do his entire schooling from the same school.

His son finished his education and obtained a job in the campus placements. He was very happy. But due to some problem, the company hadn’t sent the joining letter for more than 6 months. His hopes on his son’s job have faded. Even in those 6 months, he afforded his son to go to some of the computer courses. Now, with the offer not come yet, he started helping out his son in getting a job. He has gone to the extent of meeting the owner of the travels in which he is currently working to seek a job for his son (but it was unfruitful due to profile-role mismatch). When we met, he was discussing of ways to get his son employed. In him, I could see a real fighter, a fighter who will never rest till his son gets on track well and gets settled (I guess so, but he may remain so more than that).

Father holding son

Father holding son

When he proudly said that he bought the big oxford dictionary when his son was studying 7, I just wondered how he was such determined to put his son to the next big step and not follow his trail (professionally). I wonder how many such fathers would have bought their son a laptop. Though he didn’t have a great pay, he did manage to save by cutting costs. He was never a drinker, smoker or paan consumer like many drivers did. He refrained from all those habits just to save more for his son’s education and of course to stay healthy.

He was very sad, when we met, that he had a fight with his son that afternoon. That’s what a perfect father is all about. They scold their kids for good and will regret the “scolding” part till they make up for it. He cares about everything of his son. He cares for his son’s education, his son’s overall personality development, his son’s career and his son’s overall life. He is one great honorable man.



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I have never thought, I will have an actor as my role model. But I have found a great personality in an actor, that too in Tamil film industry. He is none other than actor Suriya. He entered the film industry like many others now, with no characteristic of an actor and a tag “an Actor’s son”. Nonetheless, he is a great man now. Even people other than his fans idolize him.

Many young minds among Indian poor population, were rejected the course they want, even if they are eligible due to a single factor “money”. Money played a huge factor in their lives. If at all a single child had money enough for the course, a poor family could have crossed the Poverty Line. “In the 21st century, the best anti-poverty policy is a world-class Education” as Barack Obama told in his State of the Union 2010 Address.

In a country like India, one can survive with money. But if you don’t have money, only way to survive is through Education. Suriya has come from an affluent family. But still he saw the problems of the ones who don’t have money. He was not a good student. He admits that! He earns a lot now. Almost every actor earns a lot. But what is the purpose of earning more and more money and seeing your Brothers and Sisters of your nation rejected the life they want. So he started “Agaram Foundation”. Ones who need financial help for their studies can send their profile to the foundation. Suriya will then select the ones who need it very much and funds their education. That is what he calls a “seed” which has the potential to grow into a tree itself.

He is not able to support all, but he supports many. He has a vision, he is moving towards it. According to me, He is a living legend. And Indian government can honor whoever works for Indian people with National awards and not one who is a “US settled” or an “Indian origin” who has no part in our country’s development. Those who are earning more and more need not do support the entire India, they can support the ones who really need it and the ones who deserve it. I want to see many Suriya’s coming from the Indian Film industry, which ultimately can give all Indians what they need. And let us all support this kind of  “Anti-Poverty” initiative.

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Many people from India used to go to the Arab countries to do ‘work’, as they call it. But many of their works were subservient. I thought that this is really bad than living happily in India with whatever work you have. You have a got your family here, your friends here, your brothers and sisters throughout the nation. But what have you got there, a good earning with your master’s whip. Now I think studying in Australia is more depressing than working as ‘slaves’ in Arab countries.

Many racial attacks on Indians have been reported and are being reported everyday.  But why is it so? We say Aussies are racists, But aren’t we racists as well. In Mumbai, many prefer to be called as Mumbaikars than Indians. They even abused Sachin for being proud as an Indian. Is it a  sin to be proud of being an Indian? Even to the man who took India to a different stage in Cricket! A Politician raped a Russian woman in Goa. Is that a good deed?

Even after these many attacks, Australian government says that “These are not racially motivated attacks. These kind of attacks happens in every place”. If an attack is not racially motivated, it will not be considered a crime, huh? The Indian government is not really pressing the Australian government in this issue. They are not concerned about the Indian students studying there. Instead they are worried about the Telengana, the useless MP’s resignation dramas and in stripping off the medals from the DGP, who molested a 14-year old girl  19 year back.

India has improved a lot than Australia in almost all the areas. But still they are not able to press them on key issues like this. If similar problem happens to the students of UK or USA or some other powerful nation, these incidents wouldn’t be handled this way. With their outstanding managerial skills, they use the power, they possess, to safeguard their people. Here we have not explored our powers. Our Managerial skills are still below standards. Our Nation’s self-esteem should not be compromised. Our government should deal with the crimes both in India and against Indians in any part of the world in a much more organized and tough manner. Let the Indian people live in peace wherever they live!!!

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This is the question I have read in many newspapers till my college days. I didn’t understand that well then. But once I am in college, I am forced to see people in a different way. We have quota system, which basically divides people based on their caste!!! Why is that happening?

They say the Forward caste people ruled the Backward class people previously. So these political big shots are going to repeat it by reversing it huh?

Some say it is because Urban people are well educated than Rural people. Urban-Rural divide! Does this have anything to do with the Caste? Well even If it has, What should a good government do? They should improve the standards in Rural areas. Instead they reduced the standards!! How come they think education standards be compromised?

And even If you give them these privileged quotas in under-graduation, It’s fine. Only those who do under-graduation go for post-graduation. What is the need for the quota there? And even in jobs!! Why is there to a quota for caste?

If the government gives quota to the economically weaker people, that is really good. Because they find it really difficult to avail good education now-a-days. But why is it based on caste? It is because government is not concerned about poor, they are concerned about caste. They still say they are working for the betterment of the poor. SCREW THEM!!

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