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We all meet great people often, don’t we?. During my recent travel, I met one such person. I wanted to share his story with you all. Here goes his story.

Some time back, He was working with the State Express Transport Corporation as a bus driver. Definitely, not a high paying job. Despite that, He wanted to admit his son in one of the best schools in Tenkasi district in Tamilnadu. He knew that the best thing that he should give his son is Education. Whether he could or not was a question then because of the huge gap between his pay slip and the big league schools’ expectations. As expected, One of such school’s management didn’t admit his son. He didn’t give up. He did get his son admitted by fighting (not literally) with the school officials and going to an extent of contacting a minister. From my knowledge, it is very difficult for even the middle class families to put their kids in that school. But here is a father who would never give up on his son’s future. Not only did he admit his son there, he made his son do his entire schooling from the same school.

His son finished his education and obtained a job in the campus placements. He was very happy. But due to some problem, the company hadn’t sent the joining letter for more than 6 months. His hopes on his son’s job have faded. Even in those 6 months, he afforded his son to go to some of the computer courses. Now, with the offer not come yet, he started helping out his son in getting a job. He has gone to the extent of meeting the owner of the travels in which he is currently working to seek a job for his son (but it was unfruitful due to profile-role mismatch). When we met, he was discussing of ways to get his son employed. In him, I could see a real fighter, a fighter who will never rest till his son gets on track well and gets settled (I guess so, but he may remain so more than that).

Father holding son

Father holding son

When he proudly said that he bought the big oxford dictionary when his son was studying 7, I just wondered how he was such determined to put his son to the next big step and not follow his trail (professionally). I wonder how many such fathers would have bought their son a laptop. Though he didn’t have a great pay, he did manage to save by cutting costs. He was never a drinker, smoker or paan consumer like many drivers did. He refrained from all those habits just to save more for his son’s education and of course to stay healthy.

He was very sad, when we met, that he had a fight with his son that afternoon. That’s what a perfect father is all about. They scold their kids for good and will regret the “scolding” part till they make up for it. He cares about everything of his son. He cares for his son’s education, his son’s overall personality development, his son’s career and his son’s overall life. He is one great honorable man.



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