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We all meet great people often, don’t we?. During my recent travel, I met one such person. I wanted to share his story with you all. Here goes his story.

Some time back, He was working with the State Express Transport Corporation as a bus driver. Definitely, not a high paying job. Despite that, He wanted to admit his son in one of the best schools in Tenkasi district in Tamilnadu. He knew that the best thing that he should give his son is Education. Whether he could or not was a question then because of the huge gap between his pay slip and the big league schools’ expectations. As expected, One of such school’s management didn’t admit his son. He didn’t give up. He did get his son admitted by fighting (not literally) with the school officials and going to an extent of contacting a minister. From my knowledge, it is very difficult for even the middle class families to put their kids in that school. But here is a father who would never give up on his son’s future. Not only did he admit his son there, he made his son do his entire schooling from the same school.

His son finished his education and obtained a job in the campus placements. He was very happy. But due to some problem, the company hadn’t sent the joining letter for more than 6 months. His hopes on his son’s job have faded. Even in those 6 months, he afforded his son to go to some of the computer courses. Now, with the offer not come yet, he started helping out his son in getting a job. He has gone to the extent of meeting the owner of the travels in which he is currently working to seek a job for his son (but it was unfruitful due to profile-role mismatch). When we met, he was discussing of ways to get his son employed. In him, I could see a real fighter, a fighter who will never rest till his son gets on track well and gets settled (I guess so, but he may remain so more than that).

Father holding son

Father holding son

When he proudly said that he bought the big oxford dictionary when his son was studying 7, I just wondered how he was such determined to put his son to the next big step and not follow his trail (professionally). I wonder how many such fathers would have bought their son a laptop. Though he didn’t have a great pay, he did manage to save by cutting costs. He was never a drinker, smoker or paan consumer like many drivers did. He refrained from all those habits just to save more for his son’s education and of course to stay healthy.

He was very sad, when we met, that he had a fight with his son that afternoon. That’s what a perfect father is all about. They scold their kids for good and will regret the “scolding” part till they make up for it. He cares about everything of his son. He cares for his son’s education, his son’s overall personality development, his son’s career and his son’s overall life. He is one great honorable man.



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I was starting to Hyderabad for my training in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) along with my friends. I didn’t know where I was heading to then. I just caught the tail of TCS and followed it. 3 years later, I am now stepping into the next phase of my career i.e., pursuing Higher Studies.

In the 33 months at TCS, I’ve experienced a lot of things both professionally and personally. There are some moments that I want to look back now.

During training, the trainees will be allocated to different branches of TCS for work after the training. The allocation is based on requirement and preference. I preferred Chennai and Bangalore. Very less people got what they preferred. Luckily, I am one among those. I had been allocated to TCS, Chennai. I felt that I am destined to settle at Chennai. Since then, I am in love with Chennai. Long chats in hot chips with hot coffee, 23-km long drive to office, Late night bike rides, Late night fruit shop visits, and other hangouts will always remain in my heart.

I was performing well in the training. Five days before the completion of the training, I had been Jaundiced. I went back to Sankarankovil, my home town. I was taken care by my parents. No matter who we are and how influential we are and how much wealth we have, no one can takes better care of a person than his/her parents. I realized it then.

After the training, I joined TCS Chennai where I was unallocated for eight months. During this period, I was staying with my friends in Ramnagar, a low lying area in South Chennai. Due to heavy monsoon rains then, our area was completely flooded. Nature forced us to move out of the home. We left the area with water level till our chest. I shifted to my friend’s home for two weeks. It is one of the unforgettable moments to be in such a situation.

I was selected into a new team in TCS. It was really lucky for a fresher to get into such a project. Work at the team taught me to work hard, to view a situation in a lot of perspectives, to interact well with all the people, to lead a team proactively, to be bold, to be strong in my standpoint, to seek self-betterment always, and to be confident. This period pushed me to pursue higher education and now I have got admission for that.

Amongst the cheerful days, I also had the horrible moment of my life. My father left me alone in this world. I used to share all the things to him first. Now I am left with no joy even in my best moments, as I want to share it with him first whereas he is no more. It is very hard to take it. But that is how this entire system works. Men come and Men go. Ironically, non-living things live longer than living organisms. Everything is temporary in this world.

I am not heading towards money, wealth, fame, or whatsoever which are just temporary companions for us though they are needed to a certain extent to have a happy life. I am heading towards a peaceful calm life which everyone carve for. Let everyone be happy.

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What is the worth of a human’s life? Do you think it is priceless? No!

Recently, the Sabarimala tragedy claimed the lives of 102 Indians. Kerala government announced Rs.5 lakhs as compensation for each life, and Tamilnadu government announced Rs.1 lakh in addition. I wondered whether the money could actually compensate the family who were bereft of their close ones. But, that amount will help the family stabilize financially. Any adverse outcome of this tragedy could be thwarted.

But people have started believing that money is more worthy than their life. I was in my home town. A person came to my father’s shop and praised Dr.Kalaignar Karunanithi, the honorable Chief minister of Tamilnadu, for awarding the compensations and the freebies during his tenure. The life of the poor people seems less worthy than 6 lakh rupees. I believe that this is primarily because of 2 reasons : freebies and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA).

NREGA is a job guarantee scheme which guarantees a minimum of Rs.100 per day wages for the adult members of any rural region willing to do public works related to unskilled manual work. The Indian National Congress (INC) and the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) government celebrate it as a very successful policy in Tamilnadu. “Yes! it is!”, but for grabbing the large chunk of labor people’s votes. The freebies and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) play a so-called “very important” role in shaping up the rural economy in Tamilnadu.

Let us consider the NREGA first. The outcomes of this policy are a decrease in the willingness of people to work, lack of accountability, an increase in the demand for labors in rural and urban areas, and exasperation among the middle-class businessmen. Hard-work which bolsters the Indian value system is being shattered in the root level. Agriculture is the worst affected sector. Due to the increasing shortage of labor, many people who were involved in Agriculture, the once “backbone of Indian economy”, started thinking to switch to the other sectors to earn for their livelihood.

Next comes the freebies. Tamilnadu Chief Minister once told “Freebies will continue till poor people exist”. Freebies are never assurances of a healthy life for the poor people. It will seem so, but it will take another form and hit strongly on the poor people, like the food inflation that is nearing 20 percentage now.

The government, when it tries to show that it is helping the Aam Adhmi of India, should also consider the middle-class people who will be affected because of this. The government instead of using people for public unskilled work, can introduce a provision for these people to be utilized by the people who needs labor, and can ensure accountability. By this, the government can avoid this loophole in these policies. Let hard work prevail in India as it was in the past. Let the people believe that their life is priceless.

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Well, I am disturbed!!! But why? Why for things that happened even without my knowledge? I am guilty because I haven’t been aware that I was responsible for some (my) bad deeds. Being responsible now, adds another gut feeling. How to turn things back? Will I be able to remove the thought from the people involved that I am not responsible for what has happened? I don’t know. I am confounded.

I have never wanted any of my friends to be hurt because of  me. But I found out recently that I was under misconception. Many were hurt by me. I am not sure how the hell I did those? Whatever playfully I have done have turned into a disaster at the least for their mind. To me the reasons were very silly. Till now they seem silly! And will seem forever. But the thought that I hurt them hurts me.

I haven’t meant to hurt them. I don’t want to confess for what I did. But still if you are hurt by me somehow, try to forgive me.

From a disturbed mind!!!!!

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Life is a Race!!!

It has been a long while I wrote. Well!! Days end unnoticed.

Some want to survive, some want to amass their wealth. But many were happy with whatever they have. I don’t know how. But I am one among them. As day goes on, I am left with the feeling “what am I doing?”. At some point of life everyone feels that. When we think about it, we will have some bloody thoughts-“Damn it! I should have done that”  in future. At that point there is no way we could revisit the good old days. Why is that?

Life is a race. When we race, we want to win. When we know that there is no possibility for that, we feel we don’t have to race. But after the race, we blame ourself for the bad decisions we made. That is what is happening in our life. We make the worst decision, that is not to compete. Then at some time, when you are not at all in picture you want to be crowned in the race.

Missed opportunities are the worst evils that will follow you till death. Don’t leave the opportunities as well as don’t lose the racing attitude. Race till your last moment.

Winners are only remembered. In order to become winners, we need a winning mentality. Never compromise on anything when you lose. That’s the secret of a lot of successful people around us. Life never retires for them. They want to run till the end. They want to be remembered after the end and they do so. Be responsible for your loss. Winning will be a certainty for you.

Life is a race. Never retire. Never lose hope. till the end..

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